Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tea at 92...♥

I apologize for the long absence of posts as i have indeed been very busy and things are up in the air so im taking the chance to do some now...

In my local area there's a lovely little tea shop called 'tea at 92' it's a home business and incredibly cute inside with hand knitted and cotton bunting then odd chairs with cute cushions on and also sweet jars/chocolates/jams in the corner by the till which you can buy. It's a lovely little place where you can enjoy cream tea's!

Well here is some pictures from when i went:

Above is Myself my Ma and Ben my boyfriend :). It was soo lovely, their hot chocolates are amazing and also i went in the morning for breakfast and had mini pancakes and orange juice! although it was a tad of a let down as nothing was 'home made' they didn't make the pancakes or juice etc...i don't know if thats too much to ask but if i ever owned a quite tea shop thats what i would do. Anyway my next trip to the tea shop will be for coke floats :). I must say my boyfriend seemed a little to big and 'manly'? for the shop hahaha i think he felt a little out of place where as i felt right at home. He literally barely fit around the table haha i could stop laughing, also the bowls were flowery and tiny and it did look veery funny i have to say.

So that was my first experience at 'tea at 92'. Has anyone else got a little tea shop by them?

Hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

make a wish and click your heels 3 times...

Good evening people of the world, hope your all well! this post is about most most recent buys and things i want.

Anyone for red glitter?? Well to the left is my new berry M red glitter polish! and to my right is my FAVORITE low heeled red sparkling shoes <3 from schuh, i recommend them to every lady in the universe..  

These are £85 glasses that i am planning to buy from specsavers...but as i was leaving the shop a young gentleman that worked there told me that they have an offer atm for buy one get one free! bargain!

 Below is my buys from hobby craft and a funny picture of my ma! :), i bought 4 pages of A4 felt in sparkly white, polka dot, browny red and black for about 45p and the two patterned ones were 75p. I also Bought a pack of 2 small gold lobster clasps for 99p and a pack of gold chain for about £3 something!
 These are my new brogues! as i lost my black pair :( these were quite reasonable priced at £15 as they are lovely but my picture doesn't do them justice at all. 

 Next up is my box i bought from Home sense in romford = best shop ever, i want everything. I can't resist these boxes and home sence's notebooks but i learnt to restrain myself from buying them but the other day i saw this one and it was so different to the norm that it turned into a must have for me, priced at £9.99. 

 On my right is my nail vanish of the week i think it's blueberry ice cream and berry ice cream? but i love them!
And on my left is a 7 day trail of garniers moisturiser which i got throught the door. It tests how much dry skin you have before and after the trial with 2 little sticky strips which i think is great, i'm on the 3rd day and i love it.
 In the picture above i have my new blazer/cardigan/jacket from dorothy perkins sale, was £40 down to £25. It was the only one left and it was in size 6 and it's exactly what i've been looking for so it was obviously a sign :). Then i also got a half price little pink bowtie! was £5 down to £2.50 but i got student discount on everything :). Then i have brown polka dot jeans in the primark sale for £6 in size 6, they are fab even if i do say so myself. And lastly is my hand made peterpan collar, it's a bit rough around the edges so i will do an up close photo of the next one i make which will hopefully turn out a little neater.
The next item is my new shoes! discounted to £21 for me? i really couldn't turn that down so these babies are mine <3, and then my £10 watch which i love :). Well i hope you guy enjoyed this post!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee!

I know i'm a bit late but i've been really busy so i aim to catch up while i have a day off so i'm ever so sorry if i overload you with posts but once i put everything up i can then start on new stuff so prepare for quite a few posts today! so here we go...

For the queens jubilee my street had a street party, we did one last year for the royal wedding so we had another this year. It was a shame it was so rainy and cold but we still partied on, music blaring until 10:30pm! i've never seen so many oldies getting drunk and showing off their dance moves haha. For the street party we held little competitions and such to make it more exciting and i never enter anything so i thought this year i will enter the cake competition (i have never baked a cake before - or decorated one...) so here was my entry:

The cake is a classic Victoria sponge which i then iced and decorated it with buttercream which i added food colouring to, great Britain ribbon, red white and blue sprinkles and my special chocolate crowns.  

I was very pleased with myself since ive never made one! and it tasted very very yummy. Unfortunately i didn't get a 1st 2nd or 3rd ranking but oh well i just wanted to eat it! :'). If any of you are interested in the recipe and how i made it i will be making a recipe page soon so check that out.

Hope you enjoy


Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Hi guys, this is the post about my diary i got made for myself by bizara cards! i looove it, i have a big big obsession with diaries and notebooks (i might do a post about another day for anyone who's interested) so i just had to get it. So here it is:

I love it, i think it's so pretty with my design and chosen colours. I'd love to here your opinions on it! :).

Hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hello everyone, today i'm going to post about my nail varnishes, lipsticks and new purchases :).

Right first off i'm posting about my nail varnishes! i LOVE nail vanish of all colours but i thought id show you my little collection of good varnishes. Now i am someone who obsesses of barry m nail vanishes, i literally want them ALL and next on my list is strawberry ice cream (thats when i have enough points on my boots card, 60 to go! haha).

So here they are:
From left to right - barry m - silver glitter limited addition/berry ice cream/blue moon/my new navy polish/peach melba/ max factor purple/bloom lisa II? :S. yh so they are my GOOD nail varnishes and my favs have to be my NEW berry ice cream (pic below), Peach Melba and my bloom polish :).
 Next is some things i got from superdrug. I needed to get new deo and roll on, i like the roll on but the spray leaves tones of white foamy stuff! and i hate it! so yh didn't really think much of that (unless i'm doing something wrong). I got the other 4 items as part of a 4 for 3 deal so i got a mini sure deo to pop in my bag instead of taking a massive one everwhere! then i got dry shampoo cause i run out ages ago and it's really handy especially as i get super paranoid about having greasy hair but washing it every day is damaging it. Next i got some carex hand wipes to keep in my bag (always handy!) and then for free i got a little tube of hand sanitiser to fill up my special bottle. can you guess i'm a bit of a clean freak?
 Next up i'm writing about my lipsticks as i purchased a new barry m one along with 2 new nail polishes (makeup deal in superdrug 3 for 2). Now i only have 3 as i don't really suit lipsticks but i like to wear them anyway! I've done swatches below.

 Left to right - Kate moss lipstick in number 12 when i got this i didn't realise it was so orange and it doesn't suit be brilliantly but i still wear it sometimes but i love the packaging! very elegant and cute at the same time! then we have bourjois sweet kiss 49 rose allure which was the first lipstick i got and i love it i wear it a lot as it's not over powering. It's more of a light coral which i find suits me best. then lastly is my new barry m lip paint in 52 i took a massive risk with this as i don't suit a lot of lipsticks and this is very very bright and bold (it's brighter than on the image) but for some reason i felt like it would suit me and YES it really did and i love it sooo much. 
And lastly i bought this today as i've needed a clutch bag for over a year but never got round to buying one, the only one i ever really wanted was a padded heart clutch from topshop but whilst i was saving up they all went :( i was very sad so i've only just got round to getting one. I like the big purse like ones but i want to dance and have fun but they look so awkward so i went towards the smaller ones with a loop wrist handle for easy use. I got this one from newlook for £6.99 and it's fab, it's got a lovely goldy/silvery sheen to it so it will pretty much go with any of my outfits so yes big thumbs up to this.

Hope you enjoy


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Busy bee..

So for not posting for ages...i've been very busy with sorting thigns out, volunteering at oxfam, making cakes and going to see the xfactor and 8 out of 10 cats! so i apologize and will get right back to it. I've got a few things to blog about so i will split them up a bit. Firstly i will show you some candles i bought the other day from matalan for £2 each which have gone nicely on my windowsill so heres a picture:
 Secondly i have included 2 pictures one from the x factor! and one from 8 out of 10 cats, they were both brilliant and very funny! and i recommend everyone to sign up to applausestore.com, sroaudiences.com and tvrecordings.com (all free) where you can apply for free tickets to your fav shows :).

 And lastly i've been witnessing on lots of blogs this magical nail vanish remover pot/sponge thing so i went in superdrugs today and saw this little number at about £2.40 so i took it quick and gave it a try ok it might not be as good as the more expensive ones as you have to dip your finger a couple times to remove nail vanish, maybe it was because i had about 3 thick coats on...but it still does the trick for me! and it's very handy to keep it your bag!
 I'm going to open a new 'recipes' page which will include my new mini vicotria sponge cakes! and also my failed attempt at a molten chocolate cake...so check it out! + later i will be doing a post about...MY NEW DIARY :) and also about my recent barry m and new look purchases and also some little bits and bobs i got in superdrug the other day as a deal.

Hope you enjoy


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Weekend antics

I've had a really busy weekend and literally spent a whole day practically clearing out all my old baby toys from my high cupboards which has been there for years! (i need someone to help me as i can't reach being 5"1) but i'm glad it's done now. Yesterday i had a brill time at the 'party on the pitch' event at the leyton orient football stadium, me and my family applied for the free ticket event and ended up winning some so we got to see the Saturdays, alexandra burke, cover drive and scouting for girls! i will show a few pics underneath. Also today was eventful as my plans of going with my friend to the essex young farmers market (a thing we go to every year) got messed up so i ended up staying in with my bf, we went to a car boot sale then got some shopping and made some home made burgers! which were actually really nice...and also we made a LUSH banana smoothie! i will add a recepies page on my blog sometime soon so that you guys can try some stuff.

 Scouting for girls:
 Banana Milkshake:

To make the banana milkshake for 2 glasses you need 2 banana's 225 mls milk, 200 mls low-fat vanilla or natural yogurt.

Chop up banana's put in a bowl, add milk and yogurt and whisk till smooth then add a 1/2 tbl spoon of honey to sweeten it up a bit and walah! :).

Also tomorrow i will be posting about my new (from tomorrow) diary which will be made and customized to my liking :) my mouth is zipped and secrets will be revealed tomorrow :).

Hope you enjoy


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bracelet Making...

So i was in Brentwood the other day (my original home town) and i found this lovely bead shop! full of everything you need to get creative with bracelets and necklaces etc. So i thought i'd give it a try and make my own. First off i saw these really cool unusual beads so it inspired me not to go for the 'typical' bracelet so i got some of those and then i found some jeweled circular beads in all different colours and i got 2 in light blue (you will see in pictures below) and then to finish it off a bought a charm link thing which you can hook any of you're own charms on which i thought was lovely and lastly a bought a real of elastic which was only £1. I thought it was a bargain and i can create something different which is not available to buy anywhere! :) so here it is, the finished project! (p.s. the charm is from silverleaf jewelry for £12 which i got on a different bracelet of mine).

 The bottom picture is with flash :)

I hope you all enjoy this post and hopefully it will inspire you to make you're own! :)

Also if anyone would like one i would be happy to make one up and send it for £3-5 depending on beads.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bob the street cat

Last Sunday i went to a very special book signing at my local waterstones. I don't know if any on you have seen on the news or on youtube about james the busker with his street cat Bob. It's a heart warming story about a young lad who is on the streets busking to make money when he finds an injured street cat, james takes the cat and nurses it back to health and tried to set him free into the world again but no...Bob wouldn't leave him and now is a loyal companion to James! it's so adorable he sits with james while his busking and he also sits on his shoulder! brilliant haha. The cat has brought so much publicity that people started taking picture, videos and even making bob his own little scarfs. Now they have made their first book! So OF COURSE i went to the book signing to meet them (the book was for my uncles birthday).

Here are some pictures i took of james and bob the cat.

Signing my book

Bob doing a 'HIGH FIVE'


Bob got his own chair

I hope you enjoy this post and maybe you should read the autobiography! :)


Friday, 11 May 2012

D.I.Y 'blazer customising'

I have a white blazer that i NEVER wear in my wardrobe so i thought it was about time i pulled it out to let it see daylight. This blazer was around £10 from peacocks, it's quite ill fitting but at the time i really needed a white one and i only had pennies to spend...So i thought id try and make it look a little more wearable and this is what i did.

First off, i walked down to my local charity shop to see if they had any little accessories, beads etc. I then ended up buying this pearly beaded necklace which was perfect for what i wanted to do.
 This is my blazer before i started stitching into it.
 I cut up the necklace to get the beads out and then got a need and thread and started stitching one pearl at a a time onto the corner of the collar by threading the needle through the hole in the bead then back into the fabric and repeating about 4 times to make sure it was secure. I only done three because i didn't want to go over board.
 Then i took the other row of smaller beads (already together in a line) and stitched them onto the bottom of the pocket flap. I done this by looping the thread in between each bead. 
 Here are some pictures of the finished product:

Hope you enjoy.