Wednesday, 20 June 2012

make a wish and click your heels 3 times...

Good evening people of the world, hope your all well! this post is about most most recent buys and things i want.

Anyone for red glitter?? Well to the left is my new berry M red glitter polish! and to my right is my FAVORITE low heeled red sparkling shoes <3 from schuh, i recommend them to every lady in the universe..  

These are £85 glasses that i am planning to buy from specsavers...but as i was leaving the shop a young gentleman that worked there told me that they have an offer atm for buy one get one free! bargain!

 Below is my buys from hobby craft and a funny picture of my ma! :), i bought 4 pages of A4 felt in sparkly white, polka dot, browny red and black for about 45p and the two patterned ones were 75p. I also Bought a pack of 2 small gold lobster clasps for 99p and a pack of gold chain for about £3 something!
 These are my new brogues! as i lost my black pair :( these were quite reasonable priced at £15 as they are lovely but my picture doesn't do them justice at all. 

 Next up is my box i bought from Home sense in romford = best shop ever, i want everything. I can't resist these boxes and home sence's notebooks but i learnt to restrain myself from buying them but the other day i saw this one and it was so different to the norm that it turned into a must have for me, priced at £9.99. 

 On my right is my nail vanish of the week i think it's blueberry ice cream and berry ice cream? but i love them!
And on my left is a 7 day trail of garniers moisturiser which i got throught the door. It tests how much dry skin you have before and after the trial with 2 little sticky strips which i think is great, i'm on the 3rd day and i love it.
 In the picture above i have my new blazer/cardigan/jacket from dorothy perkins sale, was £40 down to £25. It was the only one left and it was in size 6 and it's exactly what i've been looking for so it was obviously a sign :). Then i also got a half price little pink bowtie! was £5 down to £2.50 but i got student discount on everything :). Then i have brown polka dot jeans in the primark sale for £6 in size 6, they are fab even if i do say so myself. And lastly is my hand made peterpan collar, it's a bit rough around the edges so i will do an up close photo of the next one i make which will hopefully turn out a little neater.
The next item is my new shoes! discounted to £21 for me? i really couldn't turn that down so these babies are mine <3, and then my £10 watch which i love :). Well i hope you guy enjoyed this post!


  1. Love your blog!! What do you think about following each other? I think we should.

    Much Love,

    1. Ohh thank you Amy thats very sweet of you :). Yes i'd be delighted to!. x

    2. Following you back :)