Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tea at 92...♥

I apologize for the long absence of posts as i have indeed been very busy and things are up in the air so im taking the chance to do some now...

In my local area there's a lovely little tea shop called 'tea at 92' it's a home business and incredibly cute inside with hand knitted and cotton bunting then odd chairs with cute cushions on and also sweet jars/chocolates/jams in the corner by the till which you can buy. It's a lovely little place where you can enjoy cream tea's!

Well here is some pictures from when i went:

Above is Myself my Ma and Ben my boyfriend :). It was soo lovely, their hot chocolates are amazing and also i went in the morning for breakfast and had mini pancakes and orange juice! although it was a tad of a let down as nothing was 'home made' they didn't make the pancakes or juice etc...i don't know if thats too much to ask but if i ever owned a quite tea shop thats what i would do. Anyway my next trip to the tea shop will be for coke floats :). I must say my boyfriend seemed a little to big and 'manly'? for the shop hahaha i think he felt a little out of place where as i felt right at home. He literally barely fit around the table haha i could stop laughing, also the bowls were flowery and tiny and it did look veery funny i have to say.

So that was my first experience at 'tea at 92'. Has anyone else got a little tea shop by them?

Hope you enjoy.