Friday, 15 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee!

I know i'm a bit late but i've been really busy so i aim to catch up while i have a day off so i'm ever so sorry if i overload you with posts but once i put everything up i can then start on new stuff so prepare for quite a few posts today! so here we go...

For the queens jubilee my street had a street party, we did one last year for the royal wedding so we had another this year. It was a shame it was so rainy and cold but we still partied on, music blaring until 10:30pm! i've never seen so many oldies getting drunk and showing off their dance moves haha. For the street party we held little competitions and such to make it more exciting and i never enter anything so i thought this year i will enter the cake competition (i have never baked a cake before - or decorated one...) so here was my entry:

The cake is a classic Victoria sponge which i then iced and decorated it with buttercream which i added food colouring to, great Britain ribbon, red white and blue sprinkles and my special chocolate crowns.  

I was very pleased with myself since ive never made one! and it tasted very very yummy. Unfortunately i didn't get a 1st 2nd or 3rd ranking but oh well i just wanted to eat it! :'). If any of you are interested in the recipe and how i made it i will be making a recipe page soon so check that out.

Hope you enjoy



  1. That's such a cute cake and great idea to do xxx