Sunday, 20 May 2012

Weekend antics

I've had a really busy weekend and literally spent a whole day practically clearing out all my old baby toys from my high cupboards which has been there for years! (i need someone to help me as i can't reach being 5"1) but i'm glad it's done now. Yesterday i had a brill time at the 'party on the pitch' event at the leyton orient football stadium, me and my family applied for the free ticket event and ended up winning some so we got to see the Saturdays, alexandra burke, cover drive and scouting for girls! i will show a few pics underneath. Also today was eventful as my plans of going with my friend to the essex young farmers market (a thing we go to every year) got messed up so i ended up staying in with my bf, we went to a car boot sale then got some shopping and made some home made burgers! which were actually really nice...and also we made a LUSH banana smoothie! i will add a recepies page on my blog sometime soon so that you guys can try some stuff.

 Scouting for girls:
 Banana Milkshake:

To make the banana milkshake for 2 glasses you need 2 banana's 225 mls milk, 200 mls low-fat vanilla or natural yogurt.

Chop up banana's put in a bowl, add milk and yogurt and whisk till smooth then add a 1/2 tbl spoon of honey to sweeten it up a bit and walah! :).

Also tomorrow i will be posting about my new (from tomorrow) diary which will be made and customized to my liking :) my mouth is zipped and secrets will be revealed tomorrow :).

Hope you enjoy



  1. I love banana milkshakes! They are the best! you have a lovely blog! and you have a new follower! x Kristina

    1. Well if you like them then you will love this! it's so sweet and yummy :). aww thank you very much! thats nice of you and thank you! :D. x

    2. Hi Kristina i didn't realise i didn't have a followers bar but i have added it now so please feel free to follow me :). Thanks. xx

  2. I love milkshakes..I think they r a great drink to start off ur morning with......
    Btw loved ur how abt we follow each other...just let me know if u do n I will follow right back

    1. So do i! they are brill and also filling + 1 of your five a day which is always good :). Aw thank you, yeah i can do that! i will get onto it right now. xx