Friday, 11 May 2012

D.I.Y 'blazer customising'

I have a white blazer that i NEVER wear in my wardrobe so i thought it was about time i pulled it out to let it see daylight. This blazer was around £10 from peacocks, it's quite ill fitting but at the time i really needed a white one and i only had pennies to spend...So i thought id try and make it look a little more wearable and this is what i did.

First off, i walked down to my local charity shop to see if they had any little accessories, beads etc. I then ended up buying this pearly beaded necklace which was perfect for what i wanted to do.
 This is my blazer before i started stitching into it.
 I cut up the necklace to get the beads out and then got a need and thread and started stitching one pearl at a a time onto the corner of the collar by threading the needle through the hole in the bead then back into the fabric and repeating about 4 times to make sure it was secure. I only done three because i didn't want to go over board.
 Then i took the other row of smaller beads (already together in a line) and stitched them onto the bottom of the pocket flap. I done this by looping the thread in between each bead. 
 Here are some pictures of the finished product:

Hope you enjoy.



  1. This is super cute! I just bought a shirt from zara with a studded collar but this looks so easy to do!


    1. Aww thanks Amy thats lovely of you to say :). That sounds lovely! and yes in was real easy, and cheap! which is always a good thing haha.


  2. wow! it looks very good *-* you are very creativ and i find your blog so interesting <3


    1. Oh thank you! thats lovely of you to comment :). I'm glad you do! keep checking for new interesting posts! :P. xx