Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Busy bee..

So for not posting for ages...i've been very busy with sorting thigns out, volunteering at oxfam, making cakes and going to see the xfactor and 8 out of 10 cats! so i apologize and will get right back to it. I've got a few things to blog about so i will split them up a bit. Firstly i will show you some candles i bought the other day from matalan for £2 each which have gone nicely on my windowsill so heres a picture:
 Secondly i have included 2 pictures one from the x factor! and one from 8 out of 10 cats, they were both brilliant and very funny! and i recommend everyone to sign up to applausestore.com, sroaudiences.com and tvrecordings.com (all free) where you can apply for free tickets to your fav shows :).

 And lastly i've been witnessing on lots of blogs this magical nail vanish remover pot/sponge thing so i went in superdrugs today and saw this little number at about £2.40 so i took it quick and gave it a try ok it might not be as good as the more expensive ones as you have to dip your finger a couple times to remove nail vanish, maybe it was because i had about 3 thick coats on...but it still does the trick for me! and it's very handy to keep it your bag!
 I'm going to open a new 'recipes' page which will include my new mini vicotria sponge cakes! and also my failed attempt at a molten chocolate cake...so check it out! + later i will be doing a post about...MY NEW DIARY :) and also about my recent barry m and new look purchases and also some little bits and bobs i got in superdrug the other day as a deal.

Hope you enjoy



  1. Hey dear how do I follow u? I don't see ur gfc follow box?

    1. Hello! i didn't even know i didn't have a follow bar! haha goes to show how new i am, i've added it now :). xx

  2. Hi Tegan, love your blog, now following.
    Please can you check out my blog?
    Love Coco x x x

    1. Hello, oh thank you lovely :). I will certainly do that! right now. xx