Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bob the street cat

Last Sunday i went to a very special book signing at my local waterstones. I don't know if any on you have seen on the news or on youtube about james the busker with his street cat Bob. It's a heart warming story about a young lad who is on the streets busking to make money when he finds an injured street cat, james takes the cat and nurses it back to health and tried to set him free into the world again but no...Bob wouldn't leave him and now is a loyal companion to James! it's so adorable he sits with james while his busking and he also sits on his shoulder! brilliant haha. The cat has brought so much publicity that people started taking picture, videos and even making bob his own little scarfs. Now they have made their first book! So OF COURSE i went to the book signing to meet them (the book was for my uncles birthday).

Here are some pictures i took of james and bob the cat.

Signing my book

Bob doing a 'HIGH FIVE'


Bob got his own chair

I hope you enjoy this post and maybe you should read the autobiography! :)


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