Monday, 7 May 2012

Cable and cotton...

I went to Brighton for a night with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago as his mum paid for us to stay in a hotel as he had been doing well at uni and i was about to have an operation. While i was there i found a fantastic shop called 'cable and cotton' now i've been wanting fairy lights for when i go to university this September but i've been looking for some nice ones not the when i saw this shop you can image how pleased i was! the shop has a pic 'n' mix style to it as you walk in and you can get either a row of 20 or 30 lights then you pick up a basket and start choosing any colour cotton balls you like! they were all kept in these been cylinders attatched to the wall and it just looked here we are, this is a picture of the ones i purchased :).

Also i will leave their website here for if any of you are interested in purchasing your own:

Hope you enjoy,


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